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1. Make your booking online

We have selected the best equipment to give you a great experience. When you make a booking online these are some of the details that are included so that we can deliver the best equipment to you.

- Choose the equipment you need
- You can make a booking for multiple people in one reservation
- Once you have selected equipment we need to know some details about you and the other people   you are reserving for: name, age, sex, weight, height, ski level, etc.
- Select the dates you will be skiing
- Let us know where we should deliver the equipment to
- You will select the day and time you want us to deliver the equipment
- Make your payment
- We will confirm your reservation by email
- If you change your mind, need more equipment, or need to make any changes to the reservation   give us a call and we will help you

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2. We deliver the equipment to you

Once you have made your equipment selection we deliver to you.

- We will come on the date and at the time you selected for the delivery
- For each person in the group we will bring a selection of sizes and options
- Try on the equipment to make sure it's comfortable and you are happy
- All boots will be fitted to skis and snowboards by a professional
- Any selected boots, skis, snowboards, poles and helmets will be checked to fit and that they are   comfortable
- If during your stay any equipment doesn't fit right of you wold like to try something else contact us   and we will arrange any changes you want to make
- Go enjoy the snow!

3. Once your stay is over, we will pickup the equipment

You don't have to worry about dropping off your equipment we will come pick it up.

- During your stay if you no longer need the equipment let us know and we can come and pick it up
- If you want the skis or snowboards serviced during your stay, give us a call we will come pick them   up and deliver them back to you serviced
- On an agreed day and time we come back to pickup any equipment you have
- Let us know what you think, we would love to get feedback on your experience
- Thank you, and hope to see you soon

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